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A well-behaved dog can accompany you anywhere
With education, your dog can accompany you anywhere.

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Boarding Training: This popular and very effective course is taught by one of our staff, in residence. The course is 3 weeks, covers all basics and produces a very solid, obedient dog. Your dog will learn all basic commands: "With me", "sit", "down/stay", "come", "wait", "go to your Place", with emphasis on manners such as not pulling on the leash or jumping on people in all situations. We will address any client behavior concerns as well as working with your dog on accepting grooming, nail clipping etc. Two private lessons with the owners are included with the course to insure good communication and a smooth transition back home. This course is a client favorite and generates comments such as "I can't believe it 's the same dog" and "he's so calm and content." $1500.

Daily Training: Just a short trip? We can work with your dog on a per day basis. We can begin their training from scratch, make improvements or keep them sharp and interested. $68/day (includes boarding fee).

Puppy Head Start: A private lesson to help the owner get off to the best start possible. This is a chance to get all your questions answered. 1-2 hrs: $70.

Private Instruction: For owners desiring personal instruction tailored to the needs and personality of their dog. Per lesson: $70; for two dogs in the same lesson: $105.

Training with Electronics: Teaches the owner how to properly train their dog using this very effective and flexible training tool. Effective off-leash control can be had within a very short period of time when a dog and owner understand this technology. Lessons are done as a series of 5 for $325.

Aggressive Dogs: Dogs that are aggressive to humans or dogs. $125 per lesson.

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Puppy training
Whether puppies or adults or anything in between, we can help you with your dog training needs.
Dog training

Working the down/down stay
A puppy in training learning the down